Keeping Pets Cool during the Balmy Summer Months

My husband and I live in the beautiful southern United States. While we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, we sometimes get excruciatingly hot during the summer months. We aren’t the only ones that get hot at our home though. Our beautiful dog Lucy also gets hot. I’m constantly searching for effective ways to keep her cool while she’s outside. And during the winter, it can get oddly cold at times. Do you have loving pets at home? Consider purchasing a small plastic pool for your pets to splash around in. And when it's cold, make sure to monitor them very carefully while outside. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you care for your pets during any extreme weather.

The Cockapoo: The Breed, the Health, and the Most Fitting Household

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With precious curls and a playful, teddy-bear face, cockapoos are some of the cutest small-to-medium dogs available. These dogs have made their way into homes and hearts across the country, and it is for good reason. If you have found cockapoo puppies for sale, it is best to take some time to get to know the breed before making a puppy your new four-legged family member. 

Getting to Know the Cockapoo Breed Characteristics 

Cockapoos are a cross between the long-beloved cocker spaniel and the ever-lovable poodle, two popular breeds throughout history. These dogs are known to be highly intelligent, easily trainable, and incredibly loyal to their owners. Cockapoos can have luscious, curly hair, but they are low-shedding dogs that don't usually need a ton of grooming and they can be somewhat hypoallergenic. While the breed loves a companion and company, these dogs are just as happy hanging out on their own when you have to be away. Plus, their easy trainability means the dogs make a good fit for the newbie dog owner without a great deal of experience. 

Cockapoo Puppy Health 

Overall, the cockapoo is a generally healthy breed in spite of being a cross-breed dog. Both cocker spaniels and poodles have generally good health, so naturally, the cockapoo does as well. A few general problems to look out for that can be inherited from either parent breed include: 

  • luxating patella (kneecap dislocation)
  • eye problems, such as cherry eye or prolapsed eyelid
  • hip dysplasia 

Also, make sure the dog gets a good diet without a lot of human food; cockapoos can be prone to obesity with a poor diet. Obesity can bring along ts own list of other health problems. 

Is a Cockapoo Right for Your Household?

Bringing home a new puppy is always a big decision to make, and every dog is not a good fit for every household. in general, cockapoos are great pets for most households. These dogs have a friendly temperament and easygoing nature that makes them a good fit in households with kids or even other pets. Plus, these dogs are just the right size for indoor pets. However, cockapoos do need plenty of exercise, so make sure you have room for them to enjoy some time outdoors, even if that is a nice place to walk. The breed is a good companion dog, which means they are great with single adults or an elderly owner as well. 


10 September 2020