Keeping Pets Cool during the Balmy Summer Months

My husband and I live in the beautiful southern United States. While we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, we sometimes get excruciatingly hot during the summer months. We aren’t the only ones that get hot at our home though. Our beautiful dog Lucy also gets hot. I’m constantly searching for effective ways to keep her cool while she’s outside. And during the winter, it can get oddly cold at times. Do you have loving pets at home? Consider purchasing a small plastic pool for your pets to splash around in. And when it's cold, make sure to monitor them very carefully while outside. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you care for your pets during any extreme weather.

5 Tips for How to Make It Easier for Your Dog When Boarding Them

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Are you traveling out of town and plan to board your dog while you are away? If so, you'll likely want to do everything you can to make the experience as good as possible. Here are some things that you will want to do to make sure it goes smoothly.

Ask the Boarding Facility the Important Questions

There are quite a few questions you'll want to ask the boarding facility before you make a decision. Start by finding out how many times per day your dog will be let out for play and exercise. More time is always better for your dog, and that may be a deciding factor for you. In addition, you'll want to find out if they get to play with other dogs, and if there is a place for them to go outside at all. 

Don't Make an Opinion Based On Barking

You would be surprised at how quiet a boarding facility can be during the day when business is usual. That's why it's important to not make any decisions based on the barking that happens when you visit the facility. Dogs tend to bark when new people visit and when there are new dogs. Know that things will calm down once your dog gets settled in.

Bathe Your Dog Before You Board Them

It's always a good idea to give your dog a bath prior to bringing them to a boarding facility. You will want them to be clean for the duration of their stay, and it helps to have your dog smell great for the people that are going to be taking care of them. Everyone that works at the boarding facility will appreciate it. 

Bring Your Dog's Favorite Comfort Items

Does your dog have certain comfort items at home that you know they love? This could include a blanket that they always sleep with, or a toy that they carry around everywhere. It is worth bringing these things with them to the boarding facility so that they feel like it's more like home for them, with familiar smells that they are used to as well.

Write a Short Note with Special Directions

Chances are that you'll have some special directions for taking care of your dog. You'll want to keep the note as short as possible, ideally so that it can be kept on the kennel door with your dog. This will help let the pet boarding staff have easy access to your note and how you want them to take care of your dog. 


5 April 2022