The Most Popular Reptiles For American Households

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Are cats not your thing? Do dogs leave you desiring something a bit more...scaly? From bearded dragons to every kind of turtle that can fit through the front door, reptiles represent a lovable alternative to mammals that can set your household apart from the rest, or help you join the growing world of reptilian parents if you're looking for a new club to join. For inspiration, here are a few popular reptile pets to brighten your home with shiny scales and slow, stomping feet.

23 May 2017

2 Reasons All Animal Lovers Should Add A Coton De Tulear Puppy To Their Families

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If you are thinking of expanding your pet "family" or adopting your very first family dog, then a Coton de Tulear puppy makes a great choice. Not only do these puppies naturally love to play with children and get along very well with other dogs, but a well taken care of Coton de Tulear can live a long life of 16 years on average and the breed tends to experience very few health problems compared to many other toy-sized purebred dogs.

28 February 2017