Questions About Feline Dental Fractures

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You may regularly take your cat to the vet for routine checkups and immunizations. However, in addition to the animal's overall health, the cat's dental health should also be maintained. Serious dental problems, such as a fractured tooth, may occur if your cat's head receives some type of trauma. Here are a few questions and answers about feline dental fractures: How do feline dental fractures occur? Most dental fractures in cats occur due to trauma.

9 September 2016

Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Cat's Health

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As a cat lover, you want your kitties to live a long, full, healthy life, and you would never intentionally do anything to shorten their lifespan or jeopardize their health. Nevertheless, there are several common mistakes that many cat owners make that put the health of their feline friends at risk. Take a look at some of these mistakes so that you can make sure you're making your cat's health a priority.

18 July 2016

Mistakes That Can Attract Skunks To Your Yard

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The first sign of a problem may be small, scoop-shaped shallow holes in your lawn. In fact, if you look at them closely, they may resemble the shape of an animals snout. The next sign is usually a waft of musky odor. Taken together, this means you have skunks in the neighborhood and they rooting in your lawn for grubs. Why did a skunk pick your property to call home? It could be because you are making one of the following mistakes.

13 January 2016

How To Remove A Tick From Your Dog

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When you are petting your dog, the last thing you want to find is a tick. Ticks are small parasitic anthropoids that choose to feed on the blood of their hosts, which is usually a dog or other animal that goes outdoors. They can not only irritate your dog but also spread a number of diseases. If you weren't able to prevent the ticks from latching onto your dog, you can use these methods to remove them.

4 February 2015