3 Things Pet Owners Can't Afford To Misunderstand About Cats

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Cats are mysterious creatures. They may bring dead rodents to your lap as a gift or go to great lengths to chase a red dot. Maybe you marvel at their ability to bliss out on catnip. A beloved feline companion is entitled to her secrets. However, there are some things you should understand about cats in order to take the best possible care of them. Pet owners cannot afford to misunderstand the following things about their cats.

7 November 2016

Should You Be Worried About Yellow, Seedy Stools From Your Ferret?

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Ferrets are surprisingly tough and durable little creatures, but their digestive tracts aren't always so reliable. If you have had your pet for some time, you are probably already aware of the potential for blockages, ulcers, and other unpleasant conditions that can even be life-threatening. But when your ferret is producing yellow, runny stools with a birdseed-like consistency, you may not know whether to write it off or rush to the nearest animal hospital.

29 September 2016

Four Little-Known Dog-Safety Tips

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If you own a dog, they are most likely like your child. You care for them and love them and always want to be sure that they are well protected from health problems. This is why it's important to know some of the little-known safety risks that dogs come in contact with almost every day in all parts of the country. When you know some of these risks, you can be sure that you are always taking proper safety precautions to keep your dog safe.

22 September 2016

3 Reasons To Cremate Your Pet

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If your beloved pet has passed away, you have the tough decision of determining what you would like to have done with their body. The two commons options are burial or cremation. Cremating your pet can be a very good option for you for a variety of reasons. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should consider cremating your pet. Many Cremation Services Will Pick Up Your Deceased Pet

20 September 2016

Get Your Dog Comfortable For Fall With 3 Dog Grooming Services

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With fall right around the corner, you may be curious about what kinds of things you can do to help your dog get comfortable with the change of the season. While you may be looking forward to cooler weather, the holidays, and the leaves changing color, you also need to consider what can be done to make the arrival of fall comfortable for your dog as well. Instead of handling all of their care on your own, you should consider how grooming done by professionals can make a big difference for your dog as summer comes to an end.

14 September 2016

Dog House: Finding The Perfect Puppy For A High-Rise Penthouse

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Living in a high rise does not mean that you have to give up all of the luxuries of living in a single family home. If you are interested in a dog, you can own a dog within a high-rise building. You will just have to keep special things in mind when you select your animal. Here are three things that you need to keep in mind if you want to select a dog for your high rise.

13 September 2016

2 Reasons To Consider A Breeder For Your Next Dog

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One of the most difficult choices you can face when trying to get a dog is whether to buy a dog from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter, mostly because both options have their merits and downsides. Listed below are two reasons to consider a responsible breeder when getting your next dog. You Can See Where The Pup Comes From One of the most significant advantages to getting a dog from a breeder is that you will be able to see exactly where the dog has come from.

9 September 2016